The Ecoland Institute (ELI) team brings decades of rapid assessment, complex problem solving and critical systems and skills integration expertise to organizations and communities enabling them to survive and thrive in this fast-paced world.

Our programs are designed to enable sustainable prosperity by utilizing the following tools and capabilities:

  • The ELI integration framework and unique methodology that embeds adaptability and agility

  • Our independent and trusted collaborative environment guided by our global experts
  • Our ability to engage and unlock the potential of younger generations

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critical systems intelligence and integration - csii

It is very difficult to increase sustainability and resiliency of the living environments without understanding the systems that are critical for human life and their interrelatedness. Within three overarching classifications, Human, Natural and Technology, we have identify more than twenty Critical Systems. They are essential to the survival and thrivability of businesses, organizations and communities.

We research how to integrate, optimize and balance the critical systems to achieve sustainable prosperity. We connect the dots - uncovering interactions between and among critical systems to recognize the patterns that work.

We focus on assessment and integration of Critical Systems for faster and effective responsiveness in times of crisis as well as ease. The ELI team has depth of knowledge and years of experience in many industries, as well as the expertise to integrate them. We address multiple requirements simultaneously across diverse disciplines.ELI is committed to Validating the Future Today.  In partnership with forward thinking companies and other collaborators, ELI goes beyond in-depth research and thought-provoking recommendations. 

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eXtended Learning Initiatives - XLI

ELI eXtended Learning Initiatives are cultivating leaders. Our programs focus on critical thinking skills to enhance and accelerate the ability of teams and individuals to respond to new challenges. Our programs use real-world challenges of industry and society:  issues involving critical systems and integration, such as technology, food production and distribution, energy, water, and community building.

We facilitate a multifunctional approach to identifying, defining and solving problems. XLI emphasizes multidisciplinary teamwork, across professional fields, across national borders, across generations and across cultures. We offer tailored mentoring for participants.  We encourage integration of multiple perspectives to design a more adaptable outcome.  Our current initiatives include students from multiple engineering, environmental, health, food and IT fields, as well as from multiple countries. ELI is committed to life-long learning.  Our planned initiatives include programs for Veterans and displaced workers in transition.  A strong talent base bolstered by partnerships emphasizing real-world education with industry-driven challenges will create a workforce ready to take on the challenges faced by businesses and society in the 21st century.