EcoLand Institute, Inc. (ELI) is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization of multi-disciplinary experts responding to complex community challenges with the future in mind.

ELI focuses on enabling integration of critical systems and skills for sustainable prosperity. 

We accomplish our mission by rethinking today's challenges to develop and validate readily implementable models.

We connect the dots - uncovering interactions between and among critical systems to recognize the patterns that work.

We extend learning - integrating up-learning in our own activities, with our partners, and in our student and workforce programs.

Our global experts continuously analyze critical trends, identify new elements for improvement and validate them in a real-world setting for Future Readiness.

Tolga Erkmen, MS

Executive Director,  Critical Systems


Board of Advisors

Berrin Serdar, MD, PhD

Public Health

Samuel Whitt, JD

Business and Leagal

Boyce Byerly, PhD

Advanced Analytic & Human Capital

Cor Rademaker, MS

Smart Cities

Philippe Machel, MS

International Businesses

Andrei Mitran

Advanced Technologies

proven expertise

1. Future Readiness

  • Sustainable Systems

  • Economic Development

  • Scenario Planning

2. Community Development

  • Unlocking Millennial Potential

  • Veterans Transition

  • International Collaboration

3. Learning Ecosystem

  • Collaborative Learning

  • Future Work Skills Development

  • Community as a Campus

4. Architecture and Planning

  • Human-centered Design

  • Context Appropriate Architecture

  • Adaptable Planning

  • Building Scientist

5. Advanced Technology and Systems Engineering

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Broadband Connectivity and Cloud Computing

  • Renewable Energy

  • Systems Architecture and Integration

  • Program/Project Management 

6. Psychology

  • Environmental Psychology

  • Spatial Cognition 

7. Landscape Architecture and Soil Scientists

8. Medical and Wellness

9. Advanced Measurements, Analytics and Reporting, including Big data. 

10. Human-centered Design and Commercialization

Norma Owen

Director, Extended Learning Initiatives

Sara Girotto, PhD

Director, Timeless Communities

ecoland institute



successful factors

1. Our passion for positive impact; creating new fields of study to improve human life and protect nature

2. Our human-centered methodology and framework for critical systems and skills integration

3. Our ability to create independent, safe and trusted collaborative environment for rethinking and better decision making

4. Our ability to engage and unlock younger generations' potentials for future readiness

5. Our network of global experts 

Bob Fuller, MS

Director, Human Experiences