In an increasingly fast-paced and inter-related world, making effective decisions and moving forward is challenging. Many times it is not clear what can truly impact economic development:

  • What can ignite people to invest and what investments will sustain tomorrow,

  • What experiences are needed to attract all generations and,

  • How to responsibly enable sustainable prosperity

ECOLAND INSTITUTE (ELI) is pioneering a new field to help communities and organizations survive and thrive in this complex world. ELI has developed the unique skills and tools necessary to rethink today’s methodology; validate a novel, innovative approach through real-world testing; and cultivate new, adaptable communities or Timeless Communities.

A Timeless Community is a place that enables healthy, enjoyable, and prosperous experiences while protecting the environment. It is human centered, balances technology with nature and is adaptable to future advancements. It is a place for all generations and, most importantly, has charm. Timeless communities are the foundation for the economic development of 21st century.

Additionally, ELI has developed a collaborative learning curriculum to foster new integration skills coupled with life skills essential for sustaining the effectiveness of communities.

Timeless Community

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Cultivating a Timeless Community is all about breaking down silos and integrating critical systems (Natural, Human and Engineered Systems) and skills. Food, water, government, and economic systems are all examples of critical systems. ELI specializes in Critical Systems Intelligence and Integration (CSII) - understanding interrelations of critical systems (across boundaries) and connecting them. ELI’s Intelligence & Integration (CSII) teams review the needs from the perspectives of people and places including nature and technology to minimize integration vulnerabilities and maximize positive human experiences.